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Stress can shorten your life by leading to heart attacks, strokes and many other illnesses. Stress weakens your immune system leading to illness and lowering your quality of life. Music can relieve stress which can help you have a better, longer life! Music can make you happy when you're sad. It can calm you down when you're mad. Music adds a higher level of fun whether you're parting or just relaxing!

Even songs with sad lyrics can help those who suffer the same problems. They can relate and find comfort in the fact that they're not alone in their problem, giving new found hope.

Composing, performing and even just listening to good music can be an anti-drug with encouragement and leadership. Music can help with battling depression. Music is such an important part of our society found in almost every aspect of life!

For these reasons Mind RAGE Music promotes new music and school music programs to teach and encourage an appreciation for the fine art of music.

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Was $20 - Now only $10 with FREE shipping  (XXL add $2)

Was $20 - Now only $10 with FREE shipping  (XXL add $2)

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Mind RAGE T-Shirt - Medium

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Mind RAGE Music T-Shirt - XL

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Mind RAGE Music T-Shirt - Small

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